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Britten Motorcycles: John Britten Story
Britten Motorcycles: John Britten Story
by Felicity Price
John Britten was a Kiwi legend of the late 20th century whose distinctive, hand-built, pink-and-blue racing motorcycle broke four world speed records and reached iconic status worldwide. Tragically, he died of cancer at just 45. Eight years later, Britten Motorcycles tells the inside story of the world's most innovative motorbike - and the man, his family, and the friends who made the dream of winning the world's toughest motorcycle races come true. John Britten's passion for building his own motorcycle and determination to succeed are legendary - but there was much more to the man. He was at once a devoted family man, a tireless enthusiast, party animal and charismatic boy who had refused to grow up. His works ranged from exquisite Tiffany-style lamps to beautiful buildings and restored cars, trucks and motorbikes.Tragically, John Britten died of cancer at just 45. This is the inside story of the world's most innovative motorbike - and the man, his family, and the friends who made the dream of winning the world's toughest motorcycle races come true- Only authorized biography of John Britten- Profusely illustrated with photographs from the Britten Motorcycle Company archives and family albums- More than 50 people were interviewed to piece together the full story
Hardcover from Motorbooks International
John Britten
John Britten
by Tim Hanna
Paperback from Craig Potton Publishing
Down the Road : Genuine Mileage on Classic Motorcycles
by Steve Wilson
Hardcover - 192 pages (October 15, )
Haynes Pub Group; ISBN: 1859606512
The Spirit of the Motorcycle : The Legends, the Riders, and the Beauty of the Beast
by Michael Dregni, John Dean (Photographer), Lucky Lee Lott
A pop culture history of motorcycling in North America, featuring great large-format photography of stunning vintage and current motorcycles and rare archival photographs, historical images, brochures, artwork, advertisements, and collectibles. These stunning, large-format photographs of original and restored cycles are from the Reynolds Alberta Museum in Alberta, Canada, which were assembled for a 100-year retrospective history of motorcycling. 
Hardcover - 160 pages
Voyageur Press; ISBN: 089658450X
A-Z of Motorcycles (Illustrated Encyclopedias)
by Roland Brown
Listed under Motorcycle Encyclopedias

The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Motorcycles
by Erwin Tragatsch
Listed under Motorcycle Encyclopedias

Classic Motorcycles
Mark Gardiner
Hardcover 120pp, published 1997 Metro Books

Curtiss V8 from The Art of the Motorcycle
The Art of the Motorcycle
Thomas Krens, Guggenheim Museum
Comprehensive work based on the famed Guggenheim motorcycle exhibition. Covers over the 96 models displayed, from vintage machines beginning with Gotlieb Daimler's Einspur of 1885 and continuing through the decades with such classics as the 1923 BMW R32, the Flying Merkel and the Megola to the modern Ducati 916 and Stark's Aprilia. The tome includes an 11 page bibliography of motorcycle books and some 600 illustrations. An absolute must for the collector.
Hardcover - 427 pages
Harry N. Abrams, Incorporated
ISBN: 0810969122
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A Rider's and Investor's Guide to Antique, Classic and Used Motorcycles
by Taylor Ford
Listed under Price Guides

Miller's Classic Motorcycles : Yearbook & Price Guide
by Mick Walker
Miller's Classic Motorcycles

Rockers! Kings of the Road
by Johnny Stuart
Paperback - 127 pages Reissue edition
Plexus Pub; ISBN: 0859651258

History of Motorcycles
by Mick Walker

Paperback - 192 pages
Hamlyn (UK); ISBN: 060060036X

Mick Walker's Japanese Grand Prix Racing Motorcycles
by Mick Walker
Paperback: 220 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0953131181;

The 500cc World Champions: The Story of the Class of Kings
by Michael Scott
Hardcover: 160 pages
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1859608450;

Glenn Curtiss - An Extraordinary Motorcyclist
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Classic German Racing Motorcycles Click Here

Motorcycle Classics
by Doug Mitchel
Hardcover (November )
Publications International; ISBN: 078530889X
Special Order

by Ken Philp

The Scott Motorcycle: The Yowling Two-Stroke
by Jeff Clew
Hardcover from Haynes Publishing

Whatever Happened to the British Motorcycle Industry?
by Bert Hopwood
Paperback revised edition ()
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 1859604277

Matchless & AJS
AJS & Matchless Books

Velocette Books

Vincent Books

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield Books

Intertec's Vintage Collection Series: Two-Stroke Motorcycles
Intertec's Vintage Collection Series : Four-Stroke Motorcycles
Clymer Vintage British Street Bikes
Clymer Vintage Japanese Street Bikes
The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Motorcycles
Listed under Vintage Motorcycles

Brough Superior
Brough Superior Books

Rare and Out of Print Classic Motorcycle Books

Classic Motorcycles
Mick Walker Hardcover Published 1991
Out of Print - Try Used Books

I primi 50 anni della moto. Storia delle genti e delle motociclette dal 1894 al 1944.
Editor: D. Zanetti 
Index: Caerano di San Marco (TV), 2003; pp. 104. 
ISBN: 88-87982-40-6

Cafe Racers; Rockers, Rock 'n' Roll, and the Coffee-Bar Cult
by Mike Clay
An enthralling history of the days of the ton-up boys who, dressed in studded leathers, often raced their much-modified machinery on the public streets, and sometimes paid a high price. The book includes stills from movies and photographs from private collections and newspapers illustrating the days of the rocker, and helps to explain why the era has generated a cult following in the 90's - and beyond.
Hardcover - 192 pages (April 1988)
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0850456770
Out of Print - Try Used Books

GNOME & RHONE, history of the motor cycles (in French)
Authors: Daniel DAVID

Auteur / Author Mario COLOMBO 
Langue / Language Italian / Italiano
ISBN: 88-7911-354-2

Französische Motorräder (French Motorcycles)
Author: Hans Jürgen Huse
Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 3
66131 Saarbrücken

The Motorcycle Manual
Roy Bacon, Published 1977
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Keig Collection
Stanley Robertson Keig
Six hundred photographs from the Manx House of Keig illustrating TT riders & their machines from 1911 to 1939
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Classic Motorcycle Engines
by Vic Willoughby
Hardcover (November 1986)
Motorbooks International; ISBN: 0947981101
Covers twenty of the most important engine designs, and includes examples from BMW, Rudge, Ducati, Honda and Moto Guzzi. Written by an extemely knowledgeable motorcycle writer, this book is a valuable addition to the serious motorcyclists bookshelf.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Classic Superbikes; From Around the World
Hardcover - 96 pages
Very good images of high-performance sports bikes from 1950 to 1975.
Smithmark Publisher's; ISBN: 0765197154
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Classic Motorcycles
Gary Johnstone, hardcover 144pp, published 1994 Motorbooks Int.
100 years of motorcycle technology
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Classic Hints and Tips for Motorcyclists (The Classic Motorcycle)
Ian Johnson, hardcover published 1995
192 pages, approx. 400 b&w ill.
More than 1,000 hints and tips culled from 60 years of The Motor Cycle magazine, beginning in 1908 and going through to the 1960's.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Töff-Land Schweiz
Definitive book on Swiss motorcycles
ISBN 3-908007-72-5
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Mick Walker. Sb 144pp. Covers all of the MZ models as well as Simson and the new era with the Skorpion, DKW & Kaaden in color. 

WILKINS STEWART MZ 150 & 250 1969 to 1979 Haynes Owners Workshop Manual No 253
England, Haynes. 1980,  (ISBN: 0856965464). 117PP. Models covered by this manual: ES150, 1S150/1, ES150/1 super, TS150 sports, ETS250 trophy, ES250/2, TS250, TS250 sports, TS250/1. 

L&K - Skoda: Part 1-The Upward Path 1895-1945 
Kozisek, Petr & Jan Kralik 
Telling the definitive story of Skoda from its beginnings as Laurin & Klement, bicycle manufacturers, to its takeover by the Nazis in 1939 and continuing the story up to the end of the war. Over 200 pages of text and over 200 of photographs and specifications of their motorcycles, cars and commercial vehicles up to 1945. This volume weighs nearly 2 kg.

Skoda Laurin & Klement (ISBN: 1855322374)
Ivan Margolius~Charles Meisl 
Osprey, 1992

The Rickman Story
by Dave Gittins 
Publisher: Nostalgia Books, 2001
192pp Hardcover

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