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  • The Data Warehouse Toolkit : Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses
    Ralph Kimball 

    PHP and MySQL Web Development
    by Luke Welling, Laura Thomson
    Listed under PHP & MySQL

    Building Web Services with Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
    by Steve Graham (Editor), et al
    (Paperback -- December 12, )

    Professional SQL Server 2000 Programming
    by Rob Vieira
    (Perfect Paperback -- December )

    Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed
    by Ray Rankins, et al
    (Paperback -- December 12, )

    Oracle 9i New Features
    by Robert G. Freeman
    (Paperback -- January 4, )

    The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Stored Procedures, XML, and HTML (With CD-ROM)
    by Ken Henderson, Ron Soukup
    (Paperback -- December 21, )

    The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (Second Edition)
    by Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross
    (Paperback -- April )

    ColdFusion 5 Web Application Construction Kit (4th Edition)
    by Ben Forta, et al
    (Paperback -- July 24, )

    Microsoft Access Version 2002 Inside Out (With CD-ROM)
    by Helen Feddema
    (Paperback -- December 19, )

    Access 2000 For Windows® For Dummies®
    by John Kaufeld
    (Paperback -- May 7, )
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Microsoft Access 2000 Step by Step
    by Inc. Catapult
    (Paperback -- May )

    Microsoft Access 2002 Bible Gold Edition
    by Michael R. Irwin, et al
    (Hardcover -- November )

    Unix in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference for SVR4 and Solaris 7 (3rd Edition)
    by Arnold Robbins, Daniel Gilly
    (Paperback -- November 15, )

    Oracle8i: The Complete Reference (With CD-ROM)
    by Kevin Loney, George Koch
    (Hardcover -- January 15, )

    OCP: Oracle9i Certification Kit
    by Chip Dawes, Biju Thomas, Doug Stuns, Matthew Weishan, Joseph C. Johnson
    Hardcover from Sybex
    OCA/OCP: Introduction to Oracle9i SQL Study Guide
    by Chip Dawes, Biju Thomas
    Hardcover from Sybex
    Oracle9i: The Complete Reference
    by Kevin Loney, George Koch, Tusc
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    Oracle9i DBA Handbook
    by Kevin Loney, Marlene Theriault
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    28 November, 2001
    Expert Oracle9i Database Administration
    by Sam R. Alapati
    Paperback from APress
    Oracle9i Performance Tuning Tips & Techniques
    by Richard J. Niemiec
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    Oracle9i PL/SQL Programming
    by Scott Urman
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    28 November, 2001
    OCA Oracle9i Associate DBA Certification Exam Guide
    by Jason S. Couchman, Sudheer N. Marisetti
    Hardcover from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    Oracle9i RMAN Backup & Recovery
    by Robert G. Freeman, Matthew Hart
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    Oracle9i JDeveloper Handbook
    by Peter Koletzke, Paul Dorsey, Avrom Faderman
    Paperback from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media
    Professional SQL Server Development with Access 2000
    by Rick Dobson 
    (Perfect Paperback)
    SQL: The Complete Reference
    by James R. Groff, Paul N. Weinberg
    (Paperback -- March 1, )

    SQL Server 2000 Programming by Example
    by Fernando G. Guerrero, Carlos Eduardo Rojas
    (Paperback -- April 16, )
    Effective Visual Studio .Net
    by David Richard Kalkstein DeLoveh, et al
    (Paperback -- April )

    Special Edition Using Microsoft Access 2000
    by Roger Jennings
    (Paperback -- April 9, )

    Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL
    by Hugh E. Williams, David Lane
    Listed under PHP & MySQL

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