Date: May 8, 2010
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Hi Barry,

I have a copy of a hand typed account by Sergeant Grady Gaston of their ordeal after the crash. It was written while he was recovering at the hospital in Townville. I came by this because 2nd Lieutenant Arthur Speltz was a relative of mine on my Mother's side and Sergeant Gaston sent Lieutenant Speltz's parents a copy. In researching this document, I came across the Mr. Dunn's website I would be glad to send you & Mr. Dunn a copy if you  are interested. It would be nice to add it the website for others to see and read.

Cheers - Michael Lee

My father, (then) Ensign Melvin W. Lee, was also a pilot in the WWII in the Pacific. He was in the Navy and flew Martin PBMs. He remained in the Navy, flying a variety of multi-engine planes, primarily patrol bomber, reconnaissance and weather assignments, until 1964. I would be interested if you have any insight into how I might research PBM engagements in WWII. I have many photos and flight logs from that era I could contribute to the proper sites/organizations.


Story of St. Sgt. Grady S. Gaston - Frisco City Alabama, 321 St. Bombardment Squadron, 90th Bombardment Group.

It was about nine o'clock in the evening, December 1st, 1942 after having completed a bombing mission somewhere in the Southwest Pacific that we were returning to our home base in a B-24 Liberator when we ran into a terrific storm. Shortly after entering the storm our radio and many other instruments were rendered uselss and but for the exceptional ability of our Pilot, lst. Lieut, Norman R. Grosson Cincinnati, Ohio, we would probable have crashed long before we did, In trying to avoid the ferocity of the storm Lt. Grosson tried to circle it but after that failed he thenwent to about 20,000 feet in order to try to fly over it. 


The remainder of the story is in pdf format available for download here:
Little Eva Airwreck

If any reader would care to transpose more of the story, I'd be more than happy to post it here. 

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