Gliding in Byron Bay

With its fleet of motor gliders, Byron Bay Gliding Club offers joyflights, trial instructional flights and courses designed to take the new pilot to solo stage in the shortest possible time.
Self-launching motorgliders embody the advantages of power aircraft combined with the inherent safety of sailplanes, and regularly soar above the historic Byron Bay Lighthouse and along the rugged ridges of Mt Warning. Each year pilots from the club undertake the long flight to the Gulf of Carpentaria to soar the amazing Morning Glory.


Byron Bay has some of the most beautiful scenery in Australia. Our experienced instructors can take you on the flight of a lifetime along the superb beaches and across the bay to the lighthouse, and up along the famous Coolamon Ridge and over to spectacular Mt Warning to view the immense caldera of the ancient volcano. The aircraft used for these flights have a superb safety record, and are without doubt some the best motorised gliders flying in Australia. The club has a variety of aircraft available including Motor Falke, Grob and Dimona and there are both training aircraft and high-performance cross-country machines.

Glider at Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse and Motor Glider postcard. Joy Flights
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