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    Sister Wendy - The Complete Collection (Story of Painting/Grand Tour/Odyssey/Pains of Glass)
    Sister Wendy - The Complete Collection (Story of Painting/Grand Tour/Odyssey/Pains of Glass)

    DVD from Warner Home Video
    Published: 15 October, 2002 DVD

    Sister Wendys American Collection Box Set
    Sister Wendy's American Collection Box Set

    DVD from Wgbh Boston Video
    starring Sister Wendy, Wendy Beckett
    Published: 20 November, 2001 DVD

    Andy Goldsworthys Rivers  Tides
    Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers & Tides
    Andy Goldsworthy's Rivers and Tides is a truly beautiful, Finnish-German 2001 documentary about artist Goldsworthy, a Scotsman whose medium is nature itself and whose preferred studio is the outdoors, particularly where water forever flows, rises, and/or retreats. The soft-spoken, secluded Goldsworthy is seen hard at work making ephemeral sculptures out of bits of ice in the trees, or building tall, mysterious cones from loose rock, which stand like spiritual sentinels in forests and on shorelines, overgrown by plants or swallowed daily by high tides. Filmmaker-cinematographer Thomas Reidelsheimer goes to great and sometimes inexplicable lengths to make visual corollaries to Goldsworthy's ideas about underappreciated relationships between light, color, movement, balance, and fluidity of form in the real world, making Rivers and Tides a lively and always surprising cinematic gallery. Some of Goldsworthy's most miraculous natural installations--stone walls that snake through hundreds of feet of forest and stream, for instance--show up in the last half-hour. --Tom Keogh -
    DVD from New Video Group
    directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer
    Published: 28 September, 2004 DVD
    The Horse's Mouth
    The Horse's Mouth - Criterion Collection (1958) DVD
    DVD from Home Vision Entertainment
    starring Alec Guinness, Kay Walsh
    directed by Ronald Neame
    Alec Guinness was in the full bloom of his stardom when he suggested, scripted, and starred in this wonderfully odd 1958 adaptation of Joyce Cary's novel. As Gulley Jimson, a gravel-voiced, antisocial painter, whose artistic drive is as single-minded (and as self-absorbed) as a terrier's, Guinness sketches one of his carefully constructed marvels. The film has a bumpily episodic structure, but when it works, it really works: Gulley inhabiting (and mostly destroying) a penthouse apartment when the upper-crusty owners go on holiday for six weeks, or marshaling an army of apprentices to create a masterpiece on a giant wall in a condemned building. Departing from the novel, Guinness concocted the movie's madcap ending, which is guaranteed to bring a smile. Adding verve is the music, adapted from Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kijé, which fits Gulley like the paint under his dirty nails. The artworks, vivid and thick, are by John Bratby. --Robert Horton -
    Published: 04 June, 2002
    The Mystery of Picasso
    The Mystery of Picasso

    DVD from Image Entertainment
    starring Henri-Georges Clouzot, Pablo Picasso, Claude Renoir
    directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot
    Published: 14 January, 2003 DVD

    Life of Leonardo Da Vinci
    Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

    DVD from Questar, Inc
    directed by Renato Castellani
    Published: 12 August, 2003 DVD

    The Impressionists - The Other French Revolution
    The Impressionists - The Other French Revolution

    DVD from A & E Entertainment
    directed by Bruce Alfred
    Published: 28 August, 2001 DVD


    DVD from Columbia/Tristar Studios
    starring Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden
    directed by Ed Harris
    Superbly crafted and very believable film. I gasped when he made the breakthrough.
    Published: 24 July, 2001

    Downtown 81
    Downtown 81

    DVD from Zeitgeist Video
    starring Jean Michel Basquiat
    directed by Edo Bertoglio
    Published: 10 September, 2002 DVD

    The Adventure of Photography
    The Adventure of Photography

    DVD from Kultur
    Published: 15 April, 2003 DVD

    Helmut Newton - Frames from the Edge
    Helmut Newton - Frames from the Edge

    DVD from Image Entertainment
    directed by Adrian Maben
    Published: 19 March, 2002 DVD

    Little Laureates For the Love of Art
    Little Laureate's For the Love of Art

    DVD from Consumer Vision, Inc.
    Published: 04 September, 2003 DVD

    I.M. Pei - First Person Singular/The Museum on the Mountain
    I.M. Pei - First Person Singular/The Museum on the Mountain
    DVD from Home Vision Entertainment
    directed by Peter Rosen
    Published: 29 July, 2003 DVD

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