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Got Spam?

Typical Example

1st Email
Subject:  Reply To Your Ad at the Bikelinks
Date:   Wed, 9 Jul 2003 12:20:18 +1000

I 'm interested in purchasing your advertised Bike, get back to me with the last offering price Please let me know if you ship to cotonou
Benin Republic in Africa and if I can pay with a cashier's check drawn in an America bank.If this is okay by you do get back to me
immediately for me to arrange the payment.I await your timely response.
Best regards.

2nd Email
Subject:    Terms ofpayment
  Date:    Thu, 10 Jul 2003 05:11:21 -0700 (PDT)
  From:   gody isaac <>

Thanks for your mail.As regards the shipping I contact a friend in states so he said he can organize an international agent who would be on
ground to pick up the bike as soon as we seal this transaction.As regards the payment,there is a customer of mine in the Us that is owing
me for the  African foods i supplied him. I would instruct him to make out a check to you for $5,300.00 although the money is more than the
value of the bike but i am willing to trust you with the money.As soon as the cheque clears you can send my balance to my shipping agent via
MoneyGram for immediate shipping arrangment.The reason why i am doing this is because it would take atleast 45 days for a check sent from over here to clear whereas it would only take between 1-2 days for a check sent within the Us to clear.And this is the fastest way to send money to you now. If my terms is acceptable to you,do furnish me with the full name of the recipient, contact address and your phone number and get back to me immediately so that i can instruct my client to send the money to you as soon as possible.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Best Regards,
Africa Scam Bikelinks Classifieds
Typical example:
I ''m interested in purchasing your advertised [insert product] and the price $1000 is ok by me. Please let me know if you ship to Republic of congo in Africa and if I can pay with a cashier''s check blah blah
Best regardsce.

Another Example
another bike scam alert
hello i dont know who is running the ring but every body should be on alert for out of country buyers we had 2 buyers from youre site well they jacked us around sense april 2003 then we finally got a cashier check guess what thanks to you posting the african scam alert we talked to the bank before cashing sure enough it was counterfeit the lady at the bank said if we had just took it to a cashier she would have cashed it our bike would have been sent we would have had to pay 14,650.00 plus lose our motorcycle the secret service our hot on the case but there is alot that lost there bikes so be aware of those from africa or scotland we thought it was leget because they kept calling us at home and at work but funny sometimes they used a reley operator and sometimes they talked that was our first redlight,then they said it would be sent western union then fed x an d finally it arrive regular mail with no return address the usss is taking over please tell youre readers be aware i!
 will never sell on the internet again.

And Another
Faud suspected
It would be a good idea to have some type of information about faud on your website. 

Because I have received suspicious email in response from an ad placed with bikelinks. These types of emails have been used to pass counterfeit checks. The con has you deposit a check much larger that your asking price. Then you give the difference to the person posing as the shipping agent. The check turns out to be no good and your out thousands of dollars. 

[the email I received is from > and the body reads >

I'm interested in purchasing your advertised Bike get back to me with the last offering price and Please let me know if you ship to SINGAPORE and if I can pay with a cashier''s check drawn in an America bank.If this is okay by you do get back to me immediately for me to arrange the payment. I await your timely response. Best  regards. Perry.

Western Union Scam
Date:    Thu, 17 Mar 2005 13:36:42 +0000 (GMT)
From:   alfred tommy <>
Subject: PAYMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT............................
blah blah

Thanks for your correspondence and for the briefing on your Hercules 175 GS .Am very much interested in  purchasing the Hercules 175 GS .I will take it for  $750 .I'm  okay at that price.Consider the Hercules 175 GS already sold to  me.I would have love to come down and inspect her but  am presently away to UK on a seminar.As soon as i saw  your advert for sale,i have to get across to one of my  business associates in USA telling him i've gotten the  Hercules 175 GS i'm searching for and that he should make my  funds { $4000 }available in payment of some fuel  equipments i supplied to him.He assured me he would  make the payments (check} available I will instruct  him to get the check across to you (ASAP) and as soon  as you cleares the check you would need to deduct your  amount of ( $750 ) from the total of ( $4000 ) and send  the remaining balance to my reputable shipper via  western union money transfer who would be coming over  for the pickup of the Hercules 175 GS and also handle the  necessary transfer titles on my behalf. So i have to forward all the necessary details for payment to him,so i will want you to notify me by emailing when the check arrived at your destination.My shipper (Today's Shipping) would be  responsible for the pickup.Hoping to hear from  you.Thanks. 

A 2008 Scam:
Greetings to you,I am Richard Manu from London United Kingdom i saw your mail that you are in need of the above subject stated,i just want to used this little words of mine to let you know that i have it for sale,and still in a good condition, if you need some pics of the item i can send them to you once i heard from you so we can bargain price, please i only need a serious buyer and i do accept check payment ,international money order and western union money transfer ,please no paypal..where i will have my money in my possession before i will ship the item to you so get back to me with your address were you want to ship it to........i used scarlet delivery courier, for shipping abroad so i shipping cost to your doorstep,so i can give you my least price +shipping cost to your doorstep this is my number you feel free to contact me +447024057349 i will be expecting your call or  write me back so we can discuss thanks

If you get an email like this, one avenue of approach would be to phone the number using VOIP. Please note that it would be very rude to phone and hang up when they answer. Imagine if 200 recipients did that - it would be pure torture for the poor fellow. Don't do it! Don't. I implore you.

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