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Nikola Tesla

3M Collaborative Invention Unit
European Patent Office - Patent information on the Internet (link collection)
Inventors forum at Talkaway
Unique Inventors Assistance Society & Inventing help
Inventors at About.com
Minnesota Inventors Congress patenting information and development resources
Inventors Awareness Center
American Inventors and Inventions
Inventors Connection of Greater Cleveland, Inc.
Inventors Assistance League
Inventors and Inventions - a linkpage
Inventors at Miningco.com
Inventors' Alliance - Home Page
Institute of Inventors
The Invention Dimension at MIT
International Federation of Inventors' Associations
Inventors' Digest Online--Information for Inventors
Michael Kroll, Patent Attorney
Product Design and Development - online database

Australian Inventions
Beare SixStroke Engine
Australian Inventions
DSTO - DSTO and Metal Storm, 3 February 1999 - Metal Storm: An electronic machinegun with extraordinary rate of fire.
Scientific American: Technology and Business: Taking Ballistics by Storm :April 1999
Australian Inventors Resources
Inventions Australia
Inventors Australia
Inventors Advisory Group Australia
IP Australia Patent, Trade Mark and Design Office
National Consumer Website - Consumer Affairs Australia
Consumer & Business Affairs South Australia
Famous Inventors
Thomas Edison Bio
This is the "Farnovision" Inventor of the television
Tesla Memorial Society of New York
Thomas Edison's Patents
Edison National Historic Site
Thomas Edison
National Inventor Fraud Center, Inc
Inventors and Inventions at Gander Academy 
The Invention Dimension: Inventor of the Week Archives 
inventamerica.org for schools 
Inventors' Digest Information for Inventors 
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Inventors' Alliance - San Francisco
IFIA International Federation of Inventors' Associations
Chemistry Library , LSU Libraries - Important Historical Inventions and Inventors 
Inventors and Inventions at EnchantedLearning.com 
kVA Effects teslacoil.com
Weird Science (Bill Beaty's Homepages)
Inventors' Net the invention one-stop shop for inventors and entrepreneurs
Young Inventors Program and Fair
Partnership for America's Future - promotes young inventors

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