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If you are having a site built, remember to click reload or refresh when viewing your site so that you are not viewing a cached page.

Modern browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Your site may look slightly different in each of these.

My personal preference is Thunderbird, but many business professionals use Microsoft Outlook.

Email Attachments
File Transmission or How to Send Stuff by Email Made Real Simple.

Email Help
email using outlook

email using Thunderbird

Cooliris adds a new dimension to any gallery enabled to use it.
Download Cooliris from this page:
install it and then load
Mouseover any of the thumbnails and a small arrow will appear in the lower right corner. Click the arrow.

Search Engines

Zip files
These are archived files - groups of files squeezed together into one large file in such a manner that the whole is much small than the sum of it's parts, making for faster transmission over the net. Some are self-extracting, others require the appropriate decompression software, the most popular of which is WinZip. You can get a copy of this from any of the software repositories on the net, and there are probably several excellent open source programs - Winrar would be worth a look.

Saving a Page to File
In Internet Explorer, top left corner click File > Save As >
then choose a location to save it, preferably a directory (folder) which you access frequently and in which you keep your working files, for instance c:/work
under file name change it to something short, ie boxer
under Save as type select Webpage, HTML only
Encoding: Western European (should be default)

Click Save

There is a similar routine in Firefox, and probably in Chrome.

Domain Names

Virus Problems
Click here

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FAQ's (Flippin' Awkward Questions)

Glossary of Internet Terms

Cpanel Email Boxes

Books about computers and the internet

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